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Singapore, 138602

Research project within TUM CREATE. Focussing on modelling and optimisation of architecture and infrastructure, urban systems simulation like traffic and power are the main research interests. Apart from that, a cognitive systems group deal with human computer interaction. 

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Investigating the Influence of Electric Vehicles on a City’s Power Grid

Power Grid Synthesis


Investigating the influence of large-scale electrified traffic on a city’s power system requires, besides a traffic simulation, a power system simulation. As accurate information on a power grid’s topology is often unavailable, this work aims at artificially synthesizing a power network. This is done by combining general principles of power grid design with tempo-spatially resolved power demand data as well as information on a city’s road network. The outcome will be a power grid exhibiting the same characteristics as real power systems.

Objective & tasks

You will be part of a small research team addressing different aspects of this topic. An existing power system simulation comprising a power grid synthesis approach and a power flow simulation has to be extended to generate more accurate power system models. Currently, a first step towards generating reference network models of different topologies is implemented using tempo-spatially resolved power demand data. This approach should be extended taking economic and environmental data into account. For this purpose, the following tasks should be accomplished:

  • Algorithms to modify/extend the existing synthesis approach by economic and environmental data
  • Definition and application of characteristics to assess the resulting network
  • Application of the developed algorithms to synthesize a power grid for Singapore
  • Conducting studies regarding the influence of electric mobility on a city’s power system with respect to networks having different physical and topological characteristics

What we expect from you 

  • Knowledge in electrical engineering and/or functioning of power grids
  • Good programming skills in Java or any other object-oriented programming language
  • Team spirit and innovative thinking
  • Fluency in English

What we offer you

  • Financial support
  • Opportunity to work on a project with real-life relevance
  • An international and multidisciplinary working environment
  • A great experience in one of the most dynamic megacities in Asia

Availability: Approx. September 2015
Contact: David Ciechanowicz (david.ciechanowicz [at]
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