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Singapore, 138602

Research project within TUM CREATE. Focussing on modelling and optimisation of architecture and infrastructure, urban systems simulation like traffic and power are the main research interests. Apart from that, a cognitive systems group deal with human computer interaction. 

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Creating 2D Video Clips to Revive Simulation Study Results

Towards Vitalizing Research


In the realm of electric mobility it is not enough to look at individual system components or networks in isolation – an holistic simulation approach is needed that analyses the entire system so we can study the inter-action and interdependencies between the various system components. For this purpose we build a high-performance multi-scale simulation platform that allows policy makers, engineers, scientists, and designers to explore the future of electric mobility. This facilitates making important decisions regarding electric mobility related topics and studying the impact of several hundred thousand electric vehicles on the infrastructure and the environment of a mega-city like Singapore? The question is how to best visualize simulation results to a broader audience not having profound expertise in the field of study?


The objective of this internship is to support the researchers in creating video clips demonstrating their work. Those clips may be rather short but tell the story behind in a nice and visually appealing way. They will provide content or may be supported by you depending on the level of expertise. It is your task to com-pose the content provided to you to 2D video clips and apply visual effects to tell the story. The clips may be used on our website, in presentations or as advertisement of commercialization ideas.


  • Knowledge of Adobe Premiere and/or any other 2D video editing software
  • Knowledge of Adobe After Effects or other visual effects, motion graphics, or compositing application beneficial
  • Knowledge of Processing and/or any other visual arts and literacy software beneficial
  • Fluency in English


  • Financial support
  • An international and multidisciplinary working environment
  • A great experience in one of the most dynamic megacities in Asia

Availability: Approx. August 2015
ContactDavid Ciechanowicz (david.ciechanowicz [at]
PDF Download: Creating 2D Video Clips to Revive Simulation Study Results