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Research project within TUM CREATE. Focussing on modelling and optimisation of architecture and infrastructure, urban systems simulation like traffic and power are the main research interests. Apart from that, a cognitive systems group deal with human computer interaction. 

CityMoS 1.6 - Nasi Lemak


CityMoS 1.6 - Nasi Lemak

Daniel Zehe

CityMoS 1.6 is the third large feature release of CityMoS. In the tradition of naming CityMoS releases after items from the Singaporean cuisine, this release is called Nasi Lemak.

In addition to bug fixes and overall improvements to the stability and usability, this release introduces the ability to add custom dwelling time models for the busses, as well as an improved traffic assignment model. This optional feature improves the route choice model of vehicles in order to resemble human decision making then navigating through a traffic system.

In addition to the new features in CityMoS Nasi-Lemak, improvements to existing functionality were added. This includes the introduction of shape points for individual lanes. This allows modeling the curvature of a lane independently of the geometry of the associated Link. One effect of this alteration in road geometry modeling is a significant reduction in overall network size and complexity. Before, additional road links had to be introduced to resemble the curvature of a road. Appart for a reduction in network file size, the routing performance due to reduced graph complexity can be improved. A modularization of the lane changing allows for custom lane change behavior models to be implemented in the future. 

The CityMoS 3D front-end introduced with CityMoS 1.5 has improved road texture renderings as well as traffic signal models at intersections. Custom themes for styling the visual output can be added either manually or by using the CityMoS Configuration editor.

CityMoS with Car Models.png


The tooling for creating experiments with the CityMoS Configuration Editor and creating and modifying networks has been updated to versions 1.4 and 1.5 respectively. The CityMoS Network Editor supports the editing of the newly introduced lane shape points as well as better keyboard hotkey support for quickly changing between different tools.
CityMoS Configuration Editor supports multiple bus lines as well as general usability improvements to the workflow to work with the changed input file structures for CityMoS 1.6. It also offers the user the possibility to create configurations that work with CityMoS 3D.