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Singapore, 138602

Research project within TUM CREATE. Focussing on modelling and optimisation of architecture and infrastructure, urban systems simulation like traffic and power are the main research interests. Apart from that, a cognitive systems group deal with human computer interaction. 

Privacy in the Smart City

Research Projects

Privacy in the Smart City

Minh Nguyen

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Many modern cities strive to integrate information technology into every aspect of city life to create so-called smart cities. Smart cities rely on a large number of application areas and technologies to realise complex interactions between citizens, third parties, and city departments. This overwhelming complexity is one reason why holistic privacy protection only rarely enters the picture. We believe that a better understanding of smart cities and their privacy implications is needed.


In various projects in AIDA, we work towards a privacy-friendly smart city. Among others, we systematised the application areas and privacy types, giving structure to the fuzzy term “smart city”. We work on solutions to allow the privacy-preserving exchange of data with a controlled impact on the utility of the data.

Lastly, we want to establish a privacy modelling language to automatically assess where privacy risks occur and where the best suitable place is to employ privacy protection mechanisms.